Self-Supported Three-Dimensional Nanoelectrodes for Microbattery Applications

Cheah, Seng Kian and Perre, Emilie and Rooth, Mårten and Fondell, Mattis and Hårsta, Anders and Nyholm, Leif and Boman, Mats and Gustafsson, Torbjörn and Lu, Jun and Simon, Patrice and Edström, Kristina. (2009) Self-Supported Three-Dimensional Nanoelectrodes for Microbattery Applications. Nano Letters, 9 (9). p. 3230. ISSN 1530-6984

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A nanostructured three-dimensional (3D) microbattery has been produced and cycled in a Li-ion battery. It consists of a current collector of aluminum nanorods, a uniform layer of 17 nm TiO2 covering the nanorods made using ALD, an electrolyte and metallic lithium counter electrode. The battery is electrochemically cycled more than 50 times. The increase in total capacity is 10 times when using a 3D architechture compared to a 2D system for the same footprint area.

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Additional Information: Reprinted with permission from "Self-Supported Three-Dimensional Nanoelectrodes for Microbattery Applications. Seng Kian Cheah, Emilie Perre, Mårten Rooth, Mattis Fondell, Anders Hårsta, Leif Nyholm, Mats Boman, Torbjrn Gustafsson, Jun Lu, Patrice Simon, and Kristina Edstrm. Nano Letters 2009 9 (9), 3230-3233. Copyright 2009 American Chemical Society.
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