Effectively Managing the Risks of Nanomaterials: Present Status and Future Challenges

Morse, Jeffrey. National Nanomanufacturing Network. (2012) Effectively Managing the Risks of Nanomaterials: Present Status and Future Challenges. NNN Newsletter, 5 (1).


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Nanomaterials represent the building blocks of nanotechnology-enabled products and applications encompassing a broad range of substances and structures having features in the 1-100 nanometer range. Nanomaterials are of significant interest as they exhibit enhanced physical, chemical and electronic properties in comparison to their bulk counterparts. They can impact a range of applications including energy, electronics, agriculture, transportation, and healthcare, with the potential for pronounced societal and economic benefit. Yet the significant societal benefits offered by nanomaterials are not without possible drawbacks as the impact of exposure on human health and environment is presently unclear. While it is documented that significant and excessive exposure to certain types of nanomaterials can be hazardous to human health there are no data linking these exposure levels to realistic exposure conditions for responsible product manufacturing or product life-cycle. Also included: Voltage Controlled Drug Release from Nanoparticles for Hybrid Smart Drug Delivery Systems, The Nano-economy: Time to Reap the Rewards, New Research Consortium to Develop Advanced Materials for Next-Generation Airbus Aircraft

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