Electronic Microarrays in DNA Computing

Akin, H. E. and Karabay, D. A. O. and Kyle, J. R. and Mills, A. P. and Ozkan, C. S. and Ozkan, M.. (2011) Electronic Microarrays in DNA Computing. Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 11 (3). pp. 1859-1865.

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DNA Computing is a rapidly-developing interdisciplinary area which could benefit from more experimental results to solve practical problems with the current biological tools. In this study, we have integrated microelectronics and molecular biology techniques for the storage of information and basic arithmetic operations via DNA. Using 16 different complementary sequences of DNA, we stored 4 bits of information on an electronic microarray and read the data via the fluorescent signal strength coming from the microarray pads. We also showed the possibility of addition and subtraction of quantities of fluorescently tagged DNA determined via their fluorescent signal strength. We conclude that the hybrid technology we employed, based on a matured Si-CMOS platform, has the potential to strengthen the pursuit of DNA computation as well as finding its own niche applications.

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