Switching of +/- 360 degrees domain wall states in a nanoring by an azimuthal Oersted field

Pradhan, N. R. and Licht, A. S. and Li, Y. and Sun, Y. and Tuominen, M. T. and Aidala, K. E.. (2011) Switching of +/- 360 degrees domain wall states in a nanoring by an azimuthal Oersted field. Nanotechnology, 22 (48). ISSN 0957-4484

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We demonstrate magnetic switching between two 360 degrees domain wall vortex states in cobalt nanorings, which are candidate magnetic states for robust and low power magnetoresistive random access memory (MRAM) devices. These 360 degrees domain wall (DW) or 'twisted onion' states can have clockwise or counterclockwise circulation, the two states for data storage. Reliable switching between the states is necessary for any realistic device. We accomplish this switching by applying a circular Oersted field created by passing current through a metal atomic force microscope tip placed at the center of the ring. After initializing in an onion state, we rotate the DWs to one side of the ring by passing a current through the center, and can switch between the two twisted states by reversing the current, causing the DWs to split and meet again on the opposite side of the ring. A larger current will annihilate the DWs and create a perfect vortex state in the rings.

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