Latest Nanotechnology Signature Initiative Provides for Intriguing Concepts Addressing Critical Challenges

Morse, Jeffrey. National Nanomanufacturing Network. (2012) Latest Nanotechnology Signature Initiative Provides for Intriguing Concepts Addressing Critical Challenges. NNN Newsletter, 5 (7).


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The recently announced Nanotechnology Signature Initiative (NSI), Nanotechnology for Sensors and Sensors for Nanotechnology: Improving and Protecting Health, Safety, and the Environment, is the fifth NSI to be launched by agencies of the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI). Sensors incorporating nanostructures and nanomaterials have been under development for over 20 years now, and show the potential to provide significant societal impact through the deployment of inexpensive, simple to use, portable devices that can rapidly detect, identify, and quantify biological and chemical substances. Such sensors would ultimately impact consumer and military applications including medicine and healthcare, biological and chemical warfare threat detection, environmental monitoring, pharmaceuticals, food, and agriculture. Looking through the details of the this NSI, the descriptions of the thrusts and goals provide for some intriguing concepts, and address some critical challenges and barriers to the successful deployment, and ultimately commercialization, of nanosensor technologies. The key thrusts of this NSI include, in some sense, nanosensors monitoring nanomaterials. Rather than conjuring up images of self-monitoring nanomaterials that become self-aware and take over the world, one can focus on the key aspects of this initiative that will lead to the realization of nano-enabled sensing technologies, and improved understanding of nanomaterials and systems to benefit society. Also included: Researchers Create Highly Conductive and Elastic Conductors Using Silver Nanowires, Nanotechnology...naturally delicious, Solution Processing of Transparent Polymer Solar Cells

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