Game Changing Nanomanufacturing Technology: Keeping a Cautious Eye Towards the Future

Morse, Jeffrey. National Nanomanufacturing Network. (2012) Game Changing Nanomanufacturing Technology: Keeping a Cautious Eye Towards the Future. NNN Newsletter, 5 (4).


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Assessing the impact of emerging nanomanufacturing science and research requires an objective evaluation of the road to commercialization. In many instances, the path from "lab to fab" is filled with potholes, barriers, and detours, requiring new technologies to demonstrate significant benefits in both cost and performance in order to supplant existing technology and infrastructure. A prime example includes processes and materials being considered for semiconductor integrated circuit manufacturing. While several emerging nanomanufacturing methods, such as directed self assembly (DSA), nanoimprint lithography (NIL), and atomic layer deposition (ALD) are gaining acceptance as a competitive approach for specific steps within the integration sequence, the process for industry adoption remains lengthy and expensive. As a result, the impact of nanomanufacturing methodologies on existing industries and infrastructure has been limited to date. Conversely, the utilization of nanocomposite materials has had a significant impact on numerous industries including aerospace, sporting goods, automotive, and medical devices, enabling functional materials providing higher strength, lighter weight, and lower cost for a broad range of applications. The latter is a better example of a game changing technology providing a completely new approach and infrastructure to solve industry's problem, and further expanding markets, products, and profits. Also included: NanoBusiness provides review of Nanotech Commercialization Conference - April 3-5 - Durham, NC, FDA Continues Dialogue on 'Nano' Regulation, and Flexible Organic LED (OLED) lighting reaches high energy efficiency thanks to shared research effort

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