Nanomanufacturing Process Database

Morse, Jeffrey. National Nanomanufacturing Network. (2012) Nanomanufacturing Process Database. NNN Newsletter, 5 (9). (Unpublished)


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Nanomanufacturing processes are typically unique methods employed to control the shape, features, size, and morphology of materials in order to achieve some value-added functionality. Depending on the targeted objectives, numerous approaches and materials could be explored to reach the final goals. While such process research and development may be exciting and educational to researchers, often times this results in extensive cost and time delays in reaching a scalable nanomanufacturing path that could lead to commercialization of nanotechnology-enabled products. This is of particular importance to industry where it is critical to identify and optimize the nanomanufacturing process development cycle, enabling a more competitive innovation ecosystem. As an added resource in nanomanufacturing process R&D, InterNano hosts a small but growing Process Database, or a knowledge base of techniques for processing nanoscale materials, devices, and structures. The entries include step-by-step descriptions, images, notes on methodology and environmental variables, and associated references and patent information. The purpose of the Process Database is to enable sharing of appropriate process knowledge across laboratories. The National Nanomanufacturing Network (NNN) is working to facilitate the access to and documentation of a rich and representative collection of nanomanufacturing processes, and encourages the nanomanufacturing community to contribute to this collection. Also included: Nanotech Security Achieves High Speed Production Run of Metallized Optical Images, Nanotechnology-enabled Smart Packaging for Longer Produce Shelf-life, and Researchers Report Novel Approach for Single Molecule Electronic DNA Sequencing

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