Towards High-Rate Nano-Manufacturing of Gold Nanoparticle Lines

Crosby, Alfred J. and Emrick, Todd. Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing. (2012) Towards High-Rate Nano-Manufacturing of Gold Nanoparticle Lines. Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing. (Unpublished)


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We prepared lines from Au NPs, using advances in flow-coating methodology, and measured their conductivity on inter-digitated electrodes. These line arrays exhibited an ohmic, linear current-voltage response similar to conductive material. The conductivity of the Au NP lines, measured from top contact configuration (electrode on Au NP lines) is 4 orders of magnitude higher than reported values of Langmuir monolayers of Au NPs. The performance and reproducibility of these lines were confirmed by control experiments and fabricationcharacterization of numerous Au NP line arrays. We also found that these lines can be deposited on non-uniform substrates (Au NP lines on electrode), resulting in shape-conforming conductive paths.

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