Nanomanufacturing Innovations Impact Future Industry Roadmap Directions

Morse, Jeffrey. National Nanomanufacturing Network. (2012) Nanomanufacturing Innovations Impact Future Industry Roadmap Directions. NNN Newsletter, 5 (10). (Unpublished)


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Nanomanufacturing innovations have made numerous impacts in various industry roadmaps with semiconductor, data storage, and aerospace being prime examples. For many of these examples, the impact of nanotechnology provides a marginal extension of the industry roadmap, as in the case of directed self-assembly (DSA) for bit patterned media magnetic data storage, and extending the utility of specific lithographic tools. In the case of new nanotechnology-enabled composite materials, the aerospace industry has already reaped significant benefit, and advances in the value chain will impact everything from sporting equipment to automobiles, thereby providing the promise of significant economic and societal benefit that typically follows such discussions on nanotechnology. Also included: NanoBusiness Interview with Paul Clayson, President & CEO, HzO, Inc., Nanotextured Surfaces Impregnated with Lubricant for Enhanced Condensation, and Made in IBM Labs: Researchers Demonstrate Initial Steps toward Commercial Fabrication of Carbon Nanotubes as a Successor to Silicon

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