Nanomanufacturing Accelerates Body-Worn Electronic Monitoring Systems

Morse, Jeffrey. National Nanomanufacturing Network. (2013) Nanomanufacturing Accelerates Body-Worn Electronic Monitoring Systems. NNN Newsletter, 6 (3).


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As we continue to promote the economic and societal benefits of nanotechnology, advanced nanomanufacturing techniques are paving the road towards more integrated systems with increased functionality, scaled production platforms, and lower cost that will impact a broad range of industries. Nanomanufacturing has arguably had the largest impact in the area of flexible electronics and systems, affecting a range of product applications including displays, photovoltaics, lighting, energy storage, and printed electronics circuits. Perhaps the area of highest impact could be that in the area of devices interacting with the human body to extract specific biometrics for various purposes such as point-of-care health diagnostics, therapeutic treatment, or general activity monitoring. While these concepts have been around for decades, the key factors of technology push and market pull are now beginning to align in a manner that will accelerate and sustain the translational R&D necessary for these applications to grow. From a market pull perspective, the increasing cost of hospital and medical care combined with the growth of an aging population will necessitate in-home monitoring and out-patient care. Nanotechnology will most certainly provide the market push to meet these challenges.

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