Density Multiplication and Improved Lithography by Directed Block Copolymer Assembly

Ruiz, R. and Kang, H. and Detcheverry, F. A. and Dobisz, E. and Kercher, D. S. and Albrecht, T. R. and de Pablo, J. J. and Nealey, P. F.. (2008) Density Multiplication and Improved Lithography by Directed Block Copolymer Assembly. Science, 321 (5891). p. 936. ISSN 0036-8075

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Self-assembling materials spontaneously form structures at length scales of interest in nanotechnology. In the particular case of block copolymers, the thermodynamic driving forces for self-assembly are small, and low-energy defects can get easily trapped. We directed the assembly of defect-free arrays of isolated block copolymer domains at densities up to 1 terabit per square inch on chemically patterned surfaces. In comparing the assembled structures to the chemical pattern, the density is increased by a factor of four, the size is reduced by a factor of two, and the dimensional uniformity is vastly improved. Reprinted with permission from AAAS.

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