Chirality Transfer in Block Copolymer Melts: Emerging Concepts

Grason, G. M.. (2015) Chirality Transfer in Block Copolymer Melts: Emerging Concepts. Acs Macro Letters, 4 (5). pp. 526-532.

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Chirality transfer from molecule to assembly is a ubiquitous process, occurring in every class of self-assembling materials, from. liquid crystals to biological matter. Yet, a basic understanding of the influence of molecular chirality on the mesoscopic assembly of block copolymers lags decades behind nearly all other aspects of their structure (e.g., chain composition, topology, stiffness, interactions). This Viewpoint highlights recent experimental and theoretical studies of mesochiral assemblies of chiral block copolymers that are beginning to shed light onto the necessary conditions for and principle outcomes of chirality transfer in block copolymer melts.

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