Interfacial Localization and Voltage-Tunable Arrays of Charged Nanoparticles

Bera, M. K. and Chan, H. and Moyano, D. F. and Yu, H. and Tatur, S. and Amoanu, D. and Bu, W. and Rotello, V. M. and Meron, M. and Kral, P. and Lin, B. H. and Schlossman, M. L.. (2014) Interfacial Localization and Voltage-Tunable Arrays of Charged Nanoparticles. Nano Letters, 14 (12). pp. 6816-6822.

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Experiments and computer simulations provide a new perspective that strong correlations of counterions with charged nanoparticles can influence the localization of nanoparticles at liquidliquid interfaces and support the formation of voltage-tunable nanoparticle arrays. We show that ion condensation onto charged nanoparticles facilitates their transport from the aqueous-side of an interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions to the organic-side, but contiguous to the interface. Counterion condensation onto the highly charged nanoparticles overcomes the electrostatic barrier presented by the low permittivity organic material, thus providing a mechanism to transport charged nanoparticles into organic phases with implications for the distribution of nanoparticles throughout the environment and within living organisms. After transport, the nanoparticles assemble into a two-dimensional (2D) nearly close-packed array on the organic side of the interface. Voltage-tunable counterion-mediated interactions between the nanoparticles are used to control the lattice spacing of the 2D array. Tunable nanoparticle arrays self-assembled at liquid interfaces are applicable to the development of electro-variable optical devices and active elements that control the physical and chemical properties of liquid interfaces on the nanoscale.

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Additional Information: ISI Document Delivery No.: AW5NYTimes Cited: 0Cited Reference Count: 20Bera, Mrinal K. Chan, Henry Moyano, Daniel F. Yu, Hao Tatur, Sabina Amoanu, Daniel Bu, Wei Rotello, Vincent M. Meron, Mati Kral, Petr Lin, Binhua Schlossman, Mark L.Uic crb; doe-bes de-ac02-06ch11357; nsf-dmr-1309765; acs-prf-53062-nd6; cmmi-1025020; nsf-che-1346572We acknowledge support from the UIC CRB Pilot Grant program (to M.L.S.), NSF-DMR-1309765 and ACS-PRF-53062-ND6 (to P.K.), and CMMI-1025020 (to V.M.R.). ChemMatCARS is supported by NSF-CHE-1346572. The APS at Argonne National Laboratory is supported under DOE-BES Contract No. DE-AC02-06CH11357. The computations were partly performed on the NCSA and NERSC networks.Amer chemical socWashington
Uncontrolled Keywords: colloids
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