Capillary-bridge-derived particles with negative Gaussian curvature

Wang, L. M. and McCarthy, T. J.. (2015) Capillary-bridge-derived particles with negative Gaussian curvature. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112 (9). pp. 2664-2669.

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We report the preparation of millimeter-scale particles by thermal polymerization of liquid monomer capillary bridges to form catenoid-shaped particles that exhibit negative Gaussian curvature. The shape of the capillary bridges and resulting particles can be finely tuned using several addressable parameters: (i) the shape, size, and orientation of lithographic pinning features on the spanned surfaces; (ii) the distance between opposing support surfaces; and (iii) the lateral displacement (shear) of opposing features. The catenoid-shaped particles exhibit controllable optical properties as a result of their concave menisci, the shape of which can be easily manipulated. The particles self assemble in the presence of a condensing liquid (water) to form reversible neck-to-neck pairs and less reversible end-to-end aggregates. We argue that this approach could be scaled down to micrometer dimensions by fabricating an array of micrometer-scale particles. We also argue, with a discussion of dynamic wetting, that these particles will exhibit interesting anisotropic adhesive properties.

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Additional Information: ISI Document Delivery No.: CC3DKTimes Cited: 0Cited Reference Count: 24Wang, Liming McCarthy, Thomas J.Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing CMMI-0531171; Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at the University of Massachusetts DMR-0213695We thank the Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing (CMMI-0531171) and the Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (DMR-0213695) at the University of Massachusetts for financial support and Professors Joseph DeSimone (University of North Carolina) and Anthony Dinsmore (University of Massachusetts) for instructive comments.0Natl acad sciencesWashington
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