An Efficient Route to Mesoporous Silica Films with Perpendicular Nanochannels

Nagarajan, S. and Li, M. and Pai, R. A. and Bosworth, J. K. and Busch, P. and Smilgies, D.-M. and Ober, C. K. and Russell, T. P. and Watkins, J. J.. (2008) An Efficient Route to Mesoporous Silica Films with Perpendicular Nanochannels. Advanced Materials, 20 (2). pp. 246-251. ISSN 09359648

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Mesoporous silica films with cylindrical pores oriented normal to the substrate are prepared by selective deposition of silica within the poly(hydroxy styrene) domains of poly(-methyl styrene-b- hydroxy styrene) template films using supercritical carbon dioxide as a delivery medium. Atomic force microscopy, electron microscopy, and grazing incidence small angle X-ray scattering (see figure) studies confirm the vertical alignment of the cylindrical pores.

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