Arrays of ultrasmall metal rings

Singh, Deepak K and Krotkov, Robert V and Xiang, Hongqi and Xu, Ting and Russell, Thomas P and Tuominen, Mark T. (2008) Arrays of ultrasmall metal rings. Nanotechnology, 19 (24). p. 245305. ISSN 0957-4484

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In this paper, we present a simple method to fabricate ultra-high-density hexagonal arrays of ferromagnetic nanorings having 13 nm outer diameter, 5 nm inner diameter and 5 nm thickness. Cobalt magnetic nanorings were fabricated using a self-assembled diblock copolymer template with an angular evaporation of metal followed by an ion-beam etching. Magnetic measurements and theoretical calculations suggest that, at low fields, only the single domain and vortex states are important for rings of this size. The measured magnetization as a function of applied field shows a hysteresis that is consistent. These ultrasmall ferromagnetic rings have potential use in magnetic memory devices due to the simplicity of the preparation coupled with the ultra-high-density and geometry-controlled switching. This fabrication technique can be extended to other materials for applications in optics, sensing and nanoscale research.

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