Gel Point Determination of Biopolymer Based Semi-IPN Hydrogels

Choudhary, Soumitra and Bhatia, Surita R.. (2008) Gel Point Determination of Biopolymer Based Semi-IPN Hydrogels. In: 15th International Conference on Rheology/80th Annual Meeting of the Society of Rheology, August 03-08, 2008, Carlifonia.

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Water-based semi-IPNs (Interpenetrating Polymer Networks) were prepared by mixing two biopolymers, alginate and hydrophobically modified ethylhydroxy ethyl cellulose (HMEHEC), followed by crosslinking the alginate by in-situ release of calcium ions. By altering two different parameters, molecular weight of HMEHEC and calcium crosslinker concentration, we were able to fine tune the rheological properties of the semi-IPNs. Rheological studies in the linear viscoelastic region indicate storage moduli comparable to soft tissue for hydrogels having 90 wt% water. The system is found to be stable over a prolonged period of time, i.e. no phase separation is observed. Uniformity of the structure is confirmed by monotonic behavior of the intensity-q slope in SAXS and SANS over the entire length scale.

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