Tunable and augmented plasmon resonances of Au∕SiO[sub 2]∕Au nanodisks

Su, K. H. and Wei, Q. H. and Zhang, X.. (2006) Tunable and augmented plasmon resonances of Au∕SiO[sub 2]∕Au nanodisks. Applied Physics Letters, 88 (6). 063118. ISSN 00036951

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The plasmon resonance of Au/SiO2 multilayered nanodisks was studied using light scattering spectroscopy and numerical calculations. Compared to single layered Au nanodisks, multilayered nanodisks exhibit several distinctive properties including significantly enhanced plasmon resonances and tunable resonance wavelengths which can be tailored to desired values by simply varying dielectric layer thickness while the particle diameter is kept constant. Numerical calculations show that slicing one metal layer into metal multilayers leads to higher scattering intensity and more “hot spots,” or regions of strong field enhancement. This tunable and augmented plasmon resonance holds a great potential in the applications of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS).

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