Atomic force microscopy based, multiphoton, photoelectron emission imaging

Spanakis, E. and Chimmalgi, A. and Stratakis, E. and Grigoropoulos, C. P. and Fotakis, C. and Tzanetakis, P.. (2006) Atomic force microscopy based, multiphoton, photoelectron emission imaging. Applied Physics Letters, 89 (1). 013110. ISSN 00036951

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Images of photoelectron emission from metallic surfaces were obtained with a modified atomic force microscope operating in air. Illumination of the samples was achieved in the near field of a metal-coated microcantilever tip, placed in the beam of a femtosecond pulsed laser that is incident at a grazing angle with respect to the sample surface. Photoelectron currents were measured through the tip with a prototype amplifier. The power law dependence of average photocurrent on light intensity is compatible with multiphoton photoelectric effect and the work function of the metal covering a particular area on the two-metal patterned samples used.

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