Near-field Moiré effect mediated by surface plasmon polariton excitation

Liu, Zhaowei and Durant, Stéphane and Lee, Hyesog and Xiong, Yi and Pikus, Yuri and Sun, Cheng and Zhang, Xiang. (2007) Near-field Moiré effect mediated by surface plasmon polariton excitation. Optics Letters, 32 (6). pp. 629-631. ISSN 0146-9592

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We have demonstrated a surface plasmon polariton mediated optical Moiré effect by inserting a silver slab between two subwavelength gratings. Enhancement of the evanescent fields by the surface plasmon excitations on the silver slab leads to a remarkable contrast improvement in the Moiré fringes from two subwavelength gratings. Numerical calculations, which agree very well with the experimental observation of evanescent-wave Moiré fringes, elucidate the crucial role of the surface plasmon polaritons. The near-field Moiré effect has potential applications to extend the existing Moiré techniques to subwavelength characterization of nanostructures.

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