Experimental studies of far-field superlens for sub-diffractional optical imaging

Liu, Zhaowei and Durant, Stéphane and Lee, Hyesog and Pikus, Yuri and Xiong, Yi and Sun, Cheng and Zhang, Xiang. (2007) Experimental studies of far-field superlens for sub-diffractional optical imaging. Optics Express, 15 (11). pp. 6947-6954. ISSN 1094-4087

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Contrary to the conventional near-field superlensing, subwavelength superlens imaging is experimentally demonstrated in the far-field. The key element is termed as a Far-field SuperLens (FSL) which consists of a conventional superlens and a nanoscale coupler. The evanescent fields from the object are enhanced and then converted into propagating fields by the FSL. By only measuring the propagating field in the far-field, the object image can be reconstructed with subwavelength resolution. As an example of this concept, we design and fabricate a silver structured one dimensional FSL. Experimental results show that feature resolution of better than 50nm is possible using current FSL design.

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