Design, fabrication and characterization of a Far-field Superlens

Lee, H and Liu, Z and Xiong, Y and Sun, C and Zhang, X. (2008) Design, fabrication and characterization of a Far-field Superlens. Solid State Communications, 146 (5-6). pp. 202-207. ISSN 00381098

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The fabrication process as well as the optical characterization of a Far-field Superlens (FSL) is presented in detail. A FSL is capable of optically imaging well below the diffraction limit and works by enhancing and scattering evanescent waves to the far field which is then used to numerically reconstruct the object image [S. Durant, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B. 23(2006) 2383; Z. Liu, S. Durant, H. Lee, Y. Pikus, N. Fang, Y. Xiong, C. Sun, X. Zhang, Nano Lett. 7 (2007) 403]. We demonstrate the resolution of 70 nm gap distance of a three-line object in the far field. Also, a full optical imaging scheme, without the need for numerical processing, for a direct real-time subdiffraction-limited imaging is presented. Such remarkable imaging capability of FSL will revolutionize the optical imaging technique in the field of bio-imaging and nanolithography.

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