Macroscopic Arrays of Block Copolymers with Areal Densities of 10 Terbit/inch2 and Beyond

Russell, Thomas P. and Hong, Sung-Woo and Lee, Dong Hyun and Kim, Bokyung and Xu, Ting. (2010) Macroscopic Arrays of Block Copolymers with Areal Densities of 10 Terbit/inch2 and Beyond. In: New England Nanomanufacturing Summit 2010, June 22 - 24, 2010, Lowell, MA. (Unpublished)

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BCP self-assemble into a range of highly-ordered morphologies and by controlling the orientation and lateral ordering of the nanoscopic microdomains, numerous applications will emerge. By combining the “bottom-up” self-assembly of BCPs with “top-down” micro-fabrication processes faster, better and cheaper devices can be generated in very simple, yet robust, ways. By combining confinement effects with the highly directional field inherent in solvent evaporation and the mobility imparted to the BCP by the solvent, perfectly registered arrays of hexagonally packed BCP microdomains can be produced on surfaces at least 3x3 cm2 in area with areal densities in excess of 10 terabit/inch2. Registry of the arrays and the perfection of the ordering over macroscopic distances were demonstrated by grazing incidence small angle x-ray scattering and scanning force microscopy. Highly aligned and oriented line patterns based on BCP are also of interest, since they overcome a size limitation facing current lithographic technique. However, due to structural imperfections of BCP such as grain boundaries, dislocations, or disclinations, it has been thought that it is difficult to get the well-defined line patterns with high degree of straightness on conventional substrate. Using a saw tooth patterned substrate, a significant enhancement of degree of straightness in line patterns was obtained. However, the line patterns orient normal to the facets on the surface.

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