Under Construction: What are the Roads to Policy?

Malloy, Timothy. (2010) Under Construction: What are the Roads to Policy? [Video] (Unpublished)

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The very existence of this workshop suggests that the hazards of nanotechnology are a social problem in need of resolution. The definition of this problem, its scope and the “right” solution are all matters of social construction. Various participants in business, government, non-governmental organizations and academia are engaged in competitive claims-making in an effort to frame the problem and institutionalize the solution. Using the methods of the sociology of social problems, this presentation will address several competing constructions of the nanotechnology problem and their associated solutions, with emphasis on the claims-making strategies used. In particular, the presentation will critically examine the rhetoric and underlying grounds of three types of proposed solutions: self-regulation, private-public partnerships, and prescriptive regulation. It will also set out an alternative construction and solution— the concept of iterative regulation—and provide examples of its use under current law.

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