The Nanomanufacturing Revolution and Continuing Impact: Nanomanufacturing Summit 2011

Morse, Jeffrey. National Nanomanufacturing Network. (2011) The Nanomanufacturing Revolution and Continuing Impact: Nanomanufacturing Summit 2011. NNN Newsletter, 4 (3).

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As the impact of public and private sector investments in nanotechnology for more than a decade now continues to evolve, we are moving into a new era whereby a decade of intense scientific research gives way to fundamentally new products that will have significant societal and economic impact. As the predicted billions and trillions of dollars of emerging nano-enabled products enter the marketplace, the interest and focus on nanomanufacturing and the commercialization of nanotechology will grow. Nanomanufacturing processes previously considered fundamental science are now key enablers to solve critical issues in the evolution of many products, fueling the innovation cycle to realize completely new products. These processes include bottom-up directed assembly, top-down high-resolution patterning and manipulation, molecular and biological systems engineering, and hierarchical integration across multiple length scales. The impact of nanomanufacturing has already begun to be realized with examples that include directed self-assembly (DSA) for high-density bit patterned data storage media, the inclusion of DSA in the roadmap for the semiconductor industry, and the scaled production of nanocomposites and nanomaterials via both new and existing manufacturing infrastructure. Nanostructured materials such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, and a range of nanoparticle materials have achieved new levels of performance for applications such as transparent electrodes, thin film transistors, next generation electronics, energy storage, nanomedicine, renewable energy, and resource remediation. This range of nano-enabled products represents both significant markets as well as critical national needs. Also included: Graphene Mass Production Comes Closer with Bulk Wet Chemical Exfoliation of Graphite, Fabrication of Nanoscale Plasmonic Sensing Structures Over Large Areas, NanoBusiness NYC Conference, April 6-7 Agenda

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