Manipulating Quantum Dots to Nanometer Precision by Control of Flow

Ropp, Chad and Probst, Roland and Cummins, Zachary and Kumar, Rakesh and Berglund, Andrew J. and Raghavan, Srinivasa R. and Waks, Edo and Shapiro, Benjamin. (2010) Manipulating Quantum Dots to Nanometer Precision by Control of Flow. Nano Letters, 10 (7). p. 2525. ISSN 1530-6984

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We present a method for manipulating preselected quantum dots (QDs) with nanometer precision by flow control. The accuracy of this approach scales more favorably with particle size than optical trapping, enabling more precise positioning of nanoscopic particles. We demonstrate the ability to position a single QD in a 100 μm working region to 45 nm accuracy for holding times exceeding one hour and the ability to take active quantum measurements on the dynamically manipulated QD. Keywords: Quantum dots; control; electroosmotic flow; subpixel averaging; photon antibunching

Item Type: Article
InterNano Taxonomy: Nanomanufacturing Characterization Techniques
Nanoscale Objects and Nanostructured Materials > Nanoparticles > Quantum confinement
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Date Deposited: 12 Jul 2011 21:27
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