Highly Flexible and All-Solid-State Paperlike Polymer Supercapacitors

Meng, Chuizhou and Liu, Changhong and Chen, Luzhuo and Hu, Chunhua and Fan, Shoushan. (2010) Highly Flexible and All-Solid-State Paperlike Polymer Supercapacitors. Nano Letters, 10 (10). p. 4025. ISSN 1530-6984

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In recent years, much effort have been dedicated to achieve thin, lightweight and even flexible energy-storage devices for wearable electronics. Here we demonstrate a novel kind of ultrathin all-solid-state supercapacitor configuration with an extremely simple process using two slightly separated polyaniline-based electrodes well solidified in the H2SO4-polyvinyl alcohol gel electrolyte. The thickness of the entire device is much comparable to that of a piece of commercial standard A4 print paper. Under its highly flexible (twisting) state, the integrate device shows a high specific capacitance of 350 F/g for the electrode materials, well cycle stability after 1000 cycles and a leakage current of as small as 17.2 μA. Furthermore, due to its polymer-based component structure, it has a specific capacitance of as high as 31.4 F/g for the entire device, which is more than 6 times that of current high-level commercial supercapacitor products. These highly flexible and all-solid-state paperlike polymer supercapacitors may bring new design opportunities of device configuration for energy-storage devices in the future wearable electronic area. Keywords: Supercapacitor; carbon nanotube; polyaniline; nanocomposite; flexible; all-solid-state

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