Three Dimensional Transistor Design Maintains Moore's Law for Foreseeable Future

Morse, Jeffrey. National Nanomanufacturing Network. (2011) Three Dimensional Transistor Design Maintains Moore's Law for Foreseeable Future. NNN Newsletter, 4 (5).

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Adhering to Moore's Law of scaling of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits (ICs), the doubling of transistor packing density every eighteen months has lately become quite challenging for semiconductor manufacturers who need to address hard limits in lithographic feature resolution, increasing power dissipation per unit volume, and power utilization for mobile computing applications. As a result, new process and materials approaches are being included in semiconductor roadmaps in order to maintain this important trend, including the combination of top down and bottom up nanomanufacturing process steps, and lithographic approaches having ever-decreasing feature size and resolution. While some predictions of process approaches have included revolutionary methods incorporating bio-inspired nanostructures and processes to achieve templates with nanometer-scale critical features, it remains practical for the integrated circuit industry to maintain the process and tool infrastructure presently utilized. Therefore, acceptance of new methods and materials depends on a certain level of compatibility with existing fabrication lines. As such, the industry has been awaiting a major breakthrough that would propel technologies into the next millennium of advanced electronics and consumer products. Also included: Enhanced Performance in Graphene Transistors via Interface Engineering, Swiss Researchers Boost Efficiency of Flexible Solar Cells to New World Record, and NanoBusiness Interview - Dr. J. Steven Rutt, Partner & Chairman, Nano Team, Foley & Lardner

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