Electrically curable double-layer polymer resist for dynamic nanoscale lithography

Ge, Haixiong and Shen, Wenjiang and Chen, Yong. (2008) Electrically curable double-layer polymer resist for dynamic nanoscale lithography. Soft Matter, 4 (6). pp. 1178-1182. ISSN 1744-683X

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A double-layer polymer resist composed of a top electrically curable resin layer with onium salt photo-acid generators and a bottom ionic conductive polymer transfer layer has been developed for dynamic nanoscale electric lithography. By applying an electric potential on the resist from conductive patterns on a mask, the acid generators under the conductive patterns are electrolyzed into proton acid, which consequently cross-links the cationically polymerizable resin resist. With the double-layer resist, nanopatterns can be generated with a sub-50 nm resolution. By applying different electric potentials on the individual conductive patterns on the mask, the transferred nanopatterns can be modified dynamically.

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