High-Resolution Functional Epoxysilsesquioxane-Based Patterning Layers for Large-Area Nanoimprinting

Pina-Hernandez, Carlos and Guo, L. Jay and Fu, Peng-Fei. (2010) High-Resolution Functional Epoxysilsesquioxane-Based Patterning Layers for Large-Area Nanoimprinting. ACS Nano, 4 (8). p. 4776. ISSN 1936-0851

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Epoxysilsesquioxane (SSQ)-based materials have been developed as patterning layers for large-area and high-resolution nanoimprinting. The SSQ polymers, poly(methyl-co-3-glycidoxypropyl) silsesquioxanes (TMeTEp), poly(phenyl-co-3-glycidoxypropyl) silsesquioxanes (TPhTEp), and poly(phenyl-co-3-glycidoxypropyl-co-perfluorooctyl) silsesquioxanes (TPhTEpTFluo), were precisely designed and synthesized by incorporating the necessary functional groups onto the SSQ backbone. The materials possess a variety of characteristics desirable for NIL, such as great coatability, high modulus, good mold release, and excellent dry etch resistance. In particular, the presence of epoxy functional groups allows the resists to be solidified within seconds under UV exposure at room temperature, and the presence of the fluoroalkyl groups in the SSQ resins greatly facilitate mold release after the imprint process. In addition, the absence of metal in the resins makes the materials highly compatible with applications involving Si CMOS integrated circuits fabrication. Keywords: nanoimprint lithography; patterning; roll-to-roll; flexible substrate

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