Patterned Layers of a Semiconducting Polymer via Imprinting and Microwave-Assisted Grafting

Moran, Isaac W. and Jhaveri, Sarav B. and Carter, Kenneth R.. (2008) Patterned Layers of a Semiconducting Polymer via Imprinting and Microwave-Assisted Grafting. Small, 4 (8). pp. 1176-1182. ISSN 16136810

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Enhancements in both the rate and extent of grafting of poly(9,9-n-dihexyl fluorene) (PDHF) onto flat and nanopatterned crosslinked photopolymer films are described. Reactivity of the surfaces toward grafting via the Yamamoto-type Ni(0)-mediated coupling reaction is increased by synthesizing and incorporating 2,7-dibromo-9-fluorenyl methacrylate (DBFM, 2) as a new grafting agent. Varying the concentration of surface-embedded DBFM is shown to control both overall graft formation and fluorescence with a maximum thickness of up to 30 nm and peak emission at 407 nm for 40 wt% loading. In addition, microwave irradiation is introduced as an effective means to drive graft formation and thus allows fabrication of PDHF-functionalized surfaces in as little as 30 min. Both forms of improvement are extended to DBFM-embedded, nanocontact-molded features ranging in size from 100 µm to 100 nm in width and 60 nm in height. Microwave-assisted grafting from these patterned surfaces produces fluorescent features as imaged by optical microscopy and a corresponding increase in feature height as measured by atomic force microscopy.

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