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BLASINI, D and ROCHEFORT, D and FACHINI, E and ALDEN, L and DISALVO, F and CABRERA, C and ABRUNA, H. (2006) Surface composition of ordered intermetallic compounds PtBi and PtPb. Surface Science, 600 (13). p. 2670. ISSN 00396028

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Bakhtari, Kaveh and Guldiken, Rasim O. and Makaram, Prashanth and Busnaina, Ahmed A. and Park, Jin-Goo. (2006) Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Nanoparticle Removal Using Acoustic Streaming and the Effect of Time. Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 153 (9). G846. ISSN 00134651

Bayir, Ali and Jordan, Brian J. and Verma, Ayush and Pollier, Michael A. and Cooke, Graeme and Rotello, Vincent M.. (2006) Model systems for flavoenzyme activity: Recognition and redox modulation of flavin mononucleotide in water using nanoparticles. Chemical Communications (38). p. 4033. ISSN 1359-7345

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