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Chen, J. H. and Alcaine, S. D. and Jiang, Z. W. and Rotello, V. M. and Nugen, S. R.. (2015) Detection of Escherichia coli in Drinking Water Using T7 Bacteriophage-Conjugated Magnetic Probe. Analytical Chemistry, 87 (17). pp. 8977-8984.

Chen, J. H. and Duncan, B. and Wang, Z. Y. and Wang, L. S. and Rotello, V. M. and Nugen, S. R.. (2015) Bacteriophage-based nanoprobes for rapid bacteria separation. Nanoscale, 7 (39). pp. 16230-16236.

Chen, J. H. and Li, Y. Y. and Huang, K. and Wang, P. X. and He, L. L. and Carter, K. R. and Nugen, S. R.. (2015) Nanoimprinted Patterned Pillar Substrates for Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Applications. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7 (39). pp. 22106-22113.

Chen, J. H. and Zhou, Y. L. and Wang, D. H. and He, F. and Rotello, V. M. and Carter, K. R. and Watkins, J. J. and Nugen, S. R.. (2015) UV-nanoimprint lithography as a tool to develop flexible microfluidic devices for electrochemical detection. Lab on a Chip, 15 (14). pp. 3086-3094.

Chen, S. Y. and Zheng, C. X. and Fuhrer, M. S. and Yan, J.. (2015) Helicity-Resolved Raman Scattering of MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, and WSe2 Atomic Layers. Nano Letters, 15 (4). pp. 2526-2532.

Chen, Z. and Shao, Y. Z. and Wang, P. S.. (2015) Resonator- and Filter-Induced Slow Waves for High-Sensitivity RF Interferometer Operations. Ieee Sensors Journal, 15 (5). pp. 2993-2999.

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Duncan, B. and Li, X. N. and Landis, R. F. and Kim, S. T. and Gupta, A. and Wang, L. S. and Ramanathan, R. and Tang, R. and Boerth, J. A. and Rotello, V. M.. (2015) Nanoparticle-Stabilized Capsules for the Treatment of Bacterial Biofilms. Acs Nano, 9 (8). pp. 7775-7782.


Fang, B. and Gon, S. and Nusslein, K. and Santore, M. M.. (2015) Surfaces for Competitive Selective Bacterial Capture from Protein Solutions. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7 (19). pp. 10275-10282.

Fang, Bing and Jiang, Ying and Nüsslein, Klaus and Rotello, Vincent M. and Santore, Maria M.. (2015) Antimicrobial surfaces containing cationic nanoparticles: How immobilized, clustered, and protruding cationic charge presentation affects killing activity and kinetics. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 125. pp. 255-263. ISSN 09277765


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Hidalgo, K. T. S. and Guzman-Blas, R. and Ortiz-Quiles, E. O. and Fachini, E. R. and Corchado-Garcia, J. and Larios, E. and Zayas, B. and Jose-Yacaman, M. and Cabrera, C. R.. (2015) Highly organized nanofiber formation from zero valent iron nanoparticles after cadmium water remediation. Rsc Advances, 5 (4). pp. 2777-2784.

Howell, I. R. and Li, C. and Colella, N. S. and Ito, K. and Watkins, J. J.. (2015) Strain-Tunable One Dimensional Photonic Crystals Based on Zirconium Dioxide/Slide-Ring Elastomer Nanocomposites for Mechanochromic Sensing. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7 (6). pp. 3641-3646.

Hu, G. J. and Parelkar, S. S. and Emrick, T.. (2015) A facile approach to hydrophilic, reverse zwitterionic, choline phosphate polymers. Polymer Chemistry, 6 (4). pp. 525-530.


Jamali, V. and Behabtu, N. and Senyuk, B. and Lee, J. A. and Smalyukh, I. I. and van der Schoot, P. and Pasquali, M.. (2015) Experimental realization of crossover in shape and director field of nematic tactoids. Physical Review E, 91 (4).

Jeoung, E. and Yeh, Y. C. and Nelson, T. and Kushida, T. and Wang, L. S. and Mout, R. and Li, X. N. and Saha, K. and Gupta, A. and Tonga, G. Y. and Lannutti, J. J. and Rotello, V. M.. (2015) Fabrication of Functional Nanofibers Through Post-Nanoparticle Functionalization. Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 36 (7). pp. 678-683.

Jiang, Z. W. and Le, N. D. B. and Gupta, A. and Rotello, V. M.. (2015) Cell surface-based sensing with metallic nanoparticles. Chemical Society Reviews, 44 (13). pp. 4264-4274.


Kadloor, S. and Kiyavash, N.. (2015) Delay-Privacy Tradeoff in the Design of Scheduling Policies. Ieee Transactions on Information Theory, 61 (5). pp. 2557-2573.

Khandavalli, S. and Rothstein, J. P.. (2015) Large amplitude oscillatory shear rheology of three different shear-thickening particle dispersions. Rheologica Acta, 54 (7). pp. 601-618.

Khasanvis, S. and Habib, K. M. M. and Rahman, M. and Lake, R. K. and Moritz, C. A.. (2015) Low-Power Heterogeneous Graphene Nanoribbon-CMOS Multistate Volatile Memory Circuit. Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems, 12 (2). 15:1-15:18.

Kim, J. H. and Kavehpour, H. P. and Rothstein, J. P.. (2015) Dynamic contact angle measurements on superhydrophobic surfaces. Physics of Fluids, 27 (3).

Kwak, M. K. and Ok, J. G. and Lee, S. H. and Guo, L. J.. (2015) Visually tolerable tiling (VTT) for making a large-area flexible patterned surface. Materials Horizons, 2 (1). pp. 86-90.


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Lee, T. and Baac, H. W. and Ok, J. G. and Youn, H. S. and Guo, L. J.. (2015) Nozzle-Free Liquid Microjetting via Homogeneous Bubble Nucleation. Physical Review Applied, 3 (4).

Li, C. and Colella, N. S. and Watkins, J. J.. (2015) Low-Temperature Fabrication of Mesoporous Titanium Dioxide Thin Films with Tunable Refractive Indices for One-Dimensional Photonic Crystals and Sensors on Rigid and Flexible Substrates. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 7 (24). pp. 13180-13188.

Liu, Y. J. and Chen, Y. C. and Hutchens, S. and Lawrence, J. and Emrick, T. and Crosby, A. J.. (2015) Directly Measuring the Complete Stress-Strain Response of Ultrathin Polymer Films. Macromolecules, 48 (18). pp. 6534-6540.


Malvankar, N. S. and King, G. M. and Lovley, D. R.. (2015) Centimeter-long electron transport in marine sediments via conductive minerals. Isme Journal, 9 (2). pp. 527-531.

Marsico, A. L. M. and Creran, B. and Duncan, B. and Elci, S. G. and Jiang, Y. and Onasch, T. B. and Wormhoudt, J. and Rotello, V. M. and Vachet, R. W.. (2015) Inkjet-Printed Gold Nanoparticle Surfaces for the Detection of Low Molecular Weight Biomolecules by Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry. Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 26 (11). pp. 1931-1937.

Moyano, Daniel F. and Liu, Yuanchang and Peer, Dan and Rotello, Vincent M.. (2015) Modulation of Immune Response Using Engineered Nanoparticle Surfaces. Small, 12 (1). pp. 76-82. ISSN 16136810


Ok, J. G. and Shin, Y. J. and Park, H. J. and Guo, L. J.. (2015) A step toward next-generation nanoimprint lithography: extending productivity and applicability. Applied Physics a-Materials Science & Processing, 121 (2). pp. 343-356.


Rahman, M. and Khasanvis, S. and Moritz, C. A.. (2015) Nanowire Volatile RAM as an Alternative to SRAM. Acm Journal on Emerging Technologies in Computing Systems, 12 (3). p. 13.

Rahman, M. and Khasanvis, S. and Shi, J. J. and Moritz, C. A.. (2015) Wave Interference Functions for Neuromorphic Computing. Ieee Transactions on Nanotechnology, 14 (4). pp. 742-750.


Song, C. F. and Li, L. Y. and Dai, L. Z. and Thayumanavan, S.. (2015) Responsive single-chain polymer nanoparticles with host-guest features. Polymer Chemistry, 6 (26). pp. 4828-4834.

Song, D. P. and Li, C. and Colella, N. S. and Lu, X. M. and Lee, J. H. and Watkins, J. J.. (2015) Thermally Tunable Metallodielectric Photonic Crystals from the Self-Assembly of Brush Block Copolymers and Gold Nanoparticles. Advanced Optical Materials, 3 (9). pp. 1169-1175.

Song, D. P. and Li, C. and Colella, N. S. and Xie, W. T. and Li, S. K. and Lu, X. M. and Gido, S. and Lee, J. H. and Watkins, J. J.. (2015) Large-Volume Self-Organization of Polymer/Nanoparticle Hybrids with Millimeter-Scale Grain Sizes Using Brush Block Copolymers. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137 (39). pp. 12510-12513.

Song, D. P. and Lin, Y. and Gai, Y. and Colella, N. S. and Li, C. and Liu, X. H. and Gido, S. and Watkins, J. J.. (2015) Controlled Supramolecular Self-Assembly of-Large Nanoparticles in Amphiphilic Brush Block Copolymers. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 137 (11). pp. 3771-3774.

Sun, Z. W. and Chen, Z. B. and Zhang, W. X. and Choi, J. and Huang, C. L. and Jeong, G. J. and Coughlin, E. B. and Hsu, Y. T. and Yang, X. M. and Lee, K. Y. and Kuo, D. S. and Xiao, S. G. and Russell, T. P.. (2015) Directed Self-Assembly of Poly(2-vinylpyridine)-b-polystyrene-b-poly(2-vinylpyridine) Triblock Copolymer with Sub-15 nm Spacing Line Patterns Using a Nanoimprinted Photoresist Template. Advanced Materials, 27 (29). pp. 4364-4370.


Tong, J. Y. and Muthee, M. and Chen, S. Y. and Yngvesson, S. K. and Yan, J.. (2015) Antenna Enhanced Graphene THz Emitter and Detector. Nano Letters, 15 (8). pp. 5295-5301.


Wang, L. M. and McCarthy, T. J.. (2015) Capillary-bridge-derived particles with negative Gaussian curvature. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 112 (9). pp. 2664-2669.

Wang, Liming and McCarthy, Thomas J.. (2015) Covalently Attached Liquids: Instant Omniphobic Surfaces with Unprecedented Repellency. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 55 (1). pp. 244-248. ISSN 14337851

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